Dal Negro Backgammon sets

Started in 1928 Dal Negro is an Italian game supplies manufacturer located in Treviso. Originally an artisanal playing card company, Dal Negro has expanded its inventory of goods and market to reach an amazing € 15 million in gains per year with products oriented towards all sectors of the gaming field. Although specifically producing playing cards as its core business, Dal Negro Backgammon sets equally enjoy of international prestige thanks to the incomparable quality and innovative design offered by the company. The unique line of carefully produced Dal Negro Backgammon sets is offered in a variety of colors and first rate materials guaranteed to satisfy even the most excruciating of tastes.

Wooden boxes with suede playing field, leather sets in vibrant exclusive colors, detailed finishing latches, locks and keys, and excellent quality checkers are only part of the wide array of products offered by this respectable manufacturer on its official website www.dalnegro.com . When visiting the site you will find out how Dal Negro combines industrial technology with the best contemporary design incessantly developing the style and quality of its products without disregarding tradition. It is precisely this fact what secures Dal Negro such a special spot in the Backgammon community.

Whether as a present, as a personal choice for your own set, as a commercial investment, or as a professional move, Dal Negro Backgammon sets are a fine pick with a solid tradition behind.

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Poker Pocket Pair: Blessing or Curse?

One of the most confusing hands to receive right off the bat in Texas Hold’Em poker is a pocket pair. Your first thought is probably, “That’s an automatic advantage,” but you could be terribly wrong. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the pocket pair such an unstable deal when gambling online.

Boon or Bust? The confusing thing about pocket pairs is that they can be both good and bad, which makes wagering on them a tricky exercise in skill and concentration. When gambling online on a pocket pair, players need to be very wary and sensitive to how others are playing. Although a strong pocket pair like A-A or K-K can ride a player to victory, it can easily be jilted by a simple 2-2-7-7 combination.

The best way to treat a pocket pair is by gambling online appropriately. Here’s some general gambling online advice for different pairs:

If you’ve got a strong pair, play aggressively from the start. Don’t let other players sneak into the Flop, Turn and River on low minimum bets to use the community cards against you. Eliminate weak players early on to ensure that your hand has the best chance of winning.

If you’ve got a weak pair, play cautiously. Remember that a Pair is just one rank above High Card in the poker hierarchy. If the community cards are indicating a Flush or Straight in the works and players are raising the bets, it’s better to bail.

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The Fun and Convenience of Internet Casinos

When I play blackjack, there’s no place I’d rather be than my favorite internet casino.  I’m a big fan of regular casinos of course, but the convenience and experience I get from internet casinos puts them at the top of my list.

For one, having access to real money casino games from my own home is great.  I save time and money playing from home as opposed to taking big trips to the land casinos.  Plus, I get to play more, so I make even more money.  Not only that, but internet graphics offer such amazing graphics and special features, a lot of the time I forget I’m even sitting at home and not at a real casino.  The experience is just that real.

Of course, all that would be for not if the money wasn’t good.  And with online gambling, the money is great.  I get all the same great payouts at an internet casino as I would at a real casino, but online I also get casino bonuses.  These are free money bonuses that internet casinos give in order to attract players.  I got one for signing up, for playing different games, and just for being a loyal player.  They average around $100, so hitting a couple of those a week can leave you with a very good felling inside.

I love blackjack, and I love the experience I get playing an internet casino from home.  The marriage between fun and convenience is what we should look for in any hobby, and it’s made perfectly with online gambling, Click here

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Give your Blackjack game a jump-start!

I hear stories all the time of people who started playing Blackjack at university with friends, or in a local casino and as a result of that got into the online casino scene.  I’ve also heard stories saying the opposite.  People built up their confidence by playing in the comfort of their own homes; won a little lost a little, but had a much greater feeling for the great game of Blackjack, when it came to playing for real in a casino.

Whichever way round you do it and I don’t have the magic recipe for saying which is better, (and for the record it doesn’t really make much difference).  Tips can be got from both and help your Blackjack game in either arena.  There are things that you can do online, such as card counting, which if spotted could get you into trouble in an actual casino, but then you can take your skill for that from the virtual to the actual and be much more subtle about it.  It could be something really important like almost intuiting that you need to hold where you are, because the next card will bust you.

Blackjack is often considered a lucky game, where an amateur player can win big, more by luck than judgment.  In my experience that is only partly true.  Whether you play or Blackjack at a real or an online casino, there is a definite strategy to contend with and understand.  But as I said before, you can feed one set of Blackjack experiences, to improve your all-around game

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Gambling Online is a True Experience

Internet casinos have really developed into a force of their own.  Back in the days of slow internet connections and a developing technology sector, gambling online played second fiddle to the land casinos.  However, in a very short time, that all has changed.  Today, with super speed internet and technologies that amaze people more and more every day, gambling online has begun to rival land casinos and challenge are ideas about the gambling experience.

If you log onto an online casino today, you’ll be blown away by the graphics, special features, game choices, and the huge online community of players.  Gambling online today involves stepping into a whole world that strives to meet the needs of every gambler.

Online casinos are always offering new and better ways to enhance your experience.  They offer all types of tournaments, casino games you’ve never heard of along with the traditional ones, casino bonuses which reward players with free money just for playing, and all sorts of chat options and tables.  There really are no limits.

Where land casinos are restricted by physical and money limitation, internet gambling sites are free to do what they want almost unimpeded.  There are no space limitations and start up is cheap and fast.  No two year casino building projects here.  This keeps online casinos constantly in competition which only benefits you.  Gambling online becomes all about the player and his needs.  If not, the casino simply won’t stay in business.  This can be a far cry from the land casino philosophy.

So, as the times are a changing, it’s time everyone out there to take advantage.  There’s never been a better time to get involved with internet gambling.

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21 – One of the Best Blackjack Movies of All Time

Probably one of the main factors that made this movie so awesome was the fact that it was based on a true story.  This group of students from MIT was easily the most successful team of card counters in history and their story is just downright sexy.
Match a sexy story with a sexy cast… and you’ve got yourself one hot blackjack movie.

The story revolves around the game and the strategies these guys use to cheat many casinos out of a lot of money.  Card counting is basically keeping track of the number of high value cards that are left in the deck and knowing his chances of hitting 21 based on how many high cards the deck has at that given moment.  This way, the player can actually hold an advantage over the house.   Blackjack card counting is nothing novel, but what these guys did was just outrageous.

These guys were active from the late 70’s until the beginning of this century and literally look millions of dollars from casinos worldwide.  Eventually, they were caught but this first team form MIT (there were others afterwards) was by far the most successful blackjack card counters ever.

The movie was based on the book “Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions.” The movie stars Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth and Lawrence Fishburne and newcomer Jim Sturgess.

This movie shows not only the crazy fast-paced life of a group of card counters but also just goes into the fun of blackjack and the endless possibilities – not that I’m advocating cheating here ?

Anyway, even for those of us who wouldn’t/couldn’t even try to pull of something remotely so cool, it makes for a great story and an excellent movie and it definitely motivated me to improve my blackjack skills.

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Spread your bets – online roulette

The Roulette game is played in two variations- the French Roulette and the American Roulette. you can find both versions in any online casino sites with other famous games like Blackjack, Backgammon and online poker.

Anyway, in the Roulette game, which is very different from other casino you’ve been used to, they have straightforward rules. One of them is spreading your bets.

If you’d rather make the majority of your bets on red and black, you’ll quickly find out that you are playing to break even. And you won’t get the maximum of the game.

However, if you’re hoping to consider a successful session, then your eyes naturally focus toward scoring a profit. But, in order to profit, you need to develop a system based on odds and potential payout. Spread your bets by halving, quartering and choosing number sections, as well as even s and odds. This a great way to ensure that you will win something on every spin.

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Poker Lobby – Sky poker

If you are just getting started playing Texas Holdem poker at the Skypoker online casino then you will need to understand how to navigate the online poker lobby.  To get to the lobby, simply click on “Poker Lobby” from the Skypoker homepage and get ready to choose a game.

All of the poker games in this top UK online poker room are standard Texas Holdem.  However, there are a variety of different types of games, including free games, no limit games, fixed limit games, pot limit games and tournaments.  You can choose the type of game you want to play by choosing from the options in the menu on the left.  Choose Real Money Games, Sit ‘n Go, Multi Table Tournaments and Free Play Games.  When you click on the type of game you want to play, a list of relevant tables will appear in the lobby.

The tables are listed and can be organized according to Table Name, Stakes, Limit, the number of players and Average Pot.  Click on the game you want for more information, including how many spots are left at the table and whether the game is televised on television and/or the Web.  Simply click on “Launch Table” when you are ready to begin playing the Sky poker game of your choice.

If you want to play in a Skypoker tournament then instead of clicking “Launch Table” you’ll have to click “Register for Tournament.”  Televised games are indicated by a blue “TV” logo to the left of the tournament in the list.

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How an Online Casino Can Offer a UK Customer More Than Simply Slots Online

When most people think about online gambling they instantly go to playing slots online, but what people seem to overlook is that you can play roulette, blackjack or any number of other table games at an online casino from anywhere in the UK. The beauty of it all is that you can play anytime, anywhere and with any amount of money.

For new players from the UK there is also the possibility of receiving a sign up bonus when you join an online casino. These bonuses sometimes give you 100% on top of your initial deposit, so now you could have double the money to play with straight away. All it takes is entering a few personal details and you could be playing roulette, blackjack or slots online in no time at all.

There is also a free casino available to new members so they can get to grips with the rules of any new games they want to try. Playing slots online exposes someone to several different variations so taking the time to use the free option and learn how to win is always going to be a safe bet. If you ever get stuck there is always the online support that is available 24/7 and is more than willing to help with even what you might consider a small problem.

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Filing a complaint when you play casino games online

People who play casino games online enjoy the luxury of gambling in the comfort of their own homes, and if you play casino games at an online casino, you already know that along with the convenience of gambling from home, online casinos also offer some other great perks, like casino bonus incentives and online poker rooms tailored to the needs of online poker players. What you may not know, however, is the appropriate way to deal with any problems you may have or how to file a complaint against an online casino that you feel has acted towards you in a way that is either unfair or unreasonable. If you choose to file a complaint, remember that you are doing your fellow gamblers a service by making the online casino world a safer place for those who like to play casino games online. The first thing you must do if you want to file a complaint is to find the proper authorities with whom to file your grievance, and this may include some research on your part. Consult your city, state, or town’s local government to find a consumer satisfaction board or, if you live in the UK, the gambling authorities may be very helpful to you. They should be able to give you guidelines about what constitutes a legitimate complaint against your online casino, and if your complaint is indeed legitimate, you will need to obtain and fill out the proper complaint form, and send it in.

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